Your Daily Workflow Simplified

By unifying your Google calendar, meeting notes, and all your tasks, Tika helps you and/or your team plan & attack each day with ease.

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Imagine if your calendar not only told you when & where events occur, but also what you need to work on and why.  Tika works great for both individuals and teams!

All in One

Stop switching between your calendar, task list, project management system and notes. Tika unifies everything you need to get through your day easier.


Connect your Asana, Trello, and Jira so that any task updates from your Tika meetings automatically update in your project management systems and vice versa.

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Tika was built for the team but also for the individual. Whether it’s a meeting or task, Tika curates the right information so you always know what’s on your plate.

Artificial Intelligence

Using natural language processing, Tika lets you create tasks easily. Create tasks in Tika just like you would search in Google…naturally and easily.

Your personal assistant

Much like a real life assistant, Tika manages your daily priorities, specifically around meetings & tasks.

We provide intelligent reminders when things might slip and even to give you a friendly recap of all that you’ve accomplished!

Capture notes with ease

Capturing notes is incredibly easy with Tika regardless if you’re in the meeting or doing it post-meeting.

With a focus towards actionability, Tika can quickly turn any note into an agenda item or action item.

Task your meetings

A critical part of meetings are the tasks that come out of them.  That’s why we’ve built a sophisticated task tracking system that aligns to your meetings and task owners.

Status updates are easily communicated across the team, ensuring goals are accomplished on time.